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My top book choices of 2014!

My top book choices of 2014!

My recommended list of books 2014: I read each of these books in 2014 and in one way or another they have shaped the way I think today. Each book adds its own new and exciting value. Oh, and Yes, my goal in 2015 is to not only read more,books, but to dive into the … Continue reading


  • Hey guy,This is my first post and I would like to thank you for taking the time out to read my posts in advance. I will be writing mainly about physical fitness and an umbrella of events revolving around that. I am currently training for a marathon and would love to hear from others training for one or other goals! I have a page on facebook as well if you like to check that out. www.facebook.com/therunnersgame I hope to hear from many of you in the future, and good luck in future endeavors. Keep Calm and Stay Active 
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