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My top book choices of 2014!

My recommended list of books 2014:

I read each of these books in 2014 and in one way or another they have shaped the way I think today. Each book adds its own new and exciting value. Oh, and Yes, my goal in 2015 is to not only read more,books, but to dive into the fiction section more.

Disclaimer: These book topics are mainly on leadership, business, financial literacy, Christ, and running.

1. Start- John Jon Acuff
2. Living Rich for less- Ellie Kay
3.Born to Win- Zig Ziglar
4.5 Levels of Leadership- John C Maxwell
5.Millionaire by Thirty Douglas R. Andrew
6.Everybody Matters- Gary L. Thomas
7.Intentionality- John R. Searle
8.Financially stupid people are everywhere, Don’t be one- Jason Kelly
9.The travelers gift.-Andy Andrews
10.The birth Order book. -kevin leman
11. 3 weeks to eBay profits -Skip McGrath
12.Crazy love -Francis Chan
13. Finding Keepers -Steve Pogorzelski and Jesse Harriott
14. The new rules of running -Vijay Vad M.D. and Dave Allen
15.7 Habits of highly effective people -Stephen R. Covey
16.Rich Dad, Poor Dad -Robert T. Robert Kiyosaki
17. Running with the Kenyans -Adharanand Finn

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