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My top book choices of 2014!

My recommended list of books 2014: I read each of these books in 2014 and in one way or another they have shaped the way I think today. Each book adds its own new and exciting value. Oh, and Yes, my goal in 2015 is to not only read more,books, but to dive into the … Continue reading

A long overdue post

Hi Guys, My last post was a few months back because I have been trying to gear up my side business and training for a marathon. Fast forward those few months and I am in a position where I can start blogging again. I wanted to share a few details about my side business as … Continue reading

When life gets busy, keep running!

Sometimes our lives can’t catch up with everything that is going on in the world. We continue to take on tasks and get busier, but our days seem to get shorter. I have found that you can’t keep your word on everything you need to get done in your life, or even what you set … Continue reading

Shoes, but better yet, which shoes!

I am having trouble deciding which pair of running shoes to go after next. I could stick with what is normal for me, a good pair of Nike’s, or I could venture out. Now, I’m not saying I haven’t ran in other shoes, but I have found that being blessed with the style of foot … Continue reading

Getting better each run

  I have come to a point in my training now where I have to keep changing it up to continue to get better. Sometimes my mind tells me to just take the easy route and continue to run the distance my body can do on auto pilot. I have found that the best way … Continue reading

Buying a car!

In the past week I have dealt with both sides of the car business. No, i’m not a car salesman, just a kid who is trying to find a vehicle that has AC for the summer. I started looking for a car because the car I have currently does not have AC, a door that … Continue reading

Changing the scene for a runner garners a real utopia feeling.

  Hey guys!!  As you probably guessed, my new post was inspired from a run I went on recently. As I was on my most recent trek I began to think, as I usually do, and realized how much more I enjoy running when it is somewhere new and exciting. Even if the terrain is … Continue reading

Oh, so you run?

Hey guys, I wanted to give a few updates going on in my running career. As of a few weeks ago I was asked to join Luke’s Lockers running team. Which is a pretty big deal for me because I have been trying for years now to become part of a competitive running club, but … Continue reading

Nike V Garmin!

  Hey guys,  First off, I apologize for not getting out a post in the last two weeks. I’ve been tracking a few less miles since my marathon because I have changed focus to my vertical jump. I am still getting in about 3-4 runs per week, though.    Now, a question I have researched … Continue reading

A small setback in the grand scheme.

  Up until recently I have never experienced anything that has limited the amount of exercise I was able to do. Earlier this week, while on a run, I hit an area of concrete that was uneven and consequently “tweaked” my knee. I thought nothing of it and continued to finish my run. It was … Continue reading

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